Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find your answer here, please email help@generationhandmade.com.
As issues arise, we’ll update the FAQ to cover them.
As always – we appreciate you!!


Click on the MY ACCOUNT  in the menu.

Please take a moment to setup your billing and shipping addresses.

Forgot Password

Click the LOST YOUR PASSWORD? link.  You should receive an email within a few minutes.  Don’t see it?  Please check your spam folder.  If you still experience issues with resetting your password, please send an email to help@generationhandmade.com

Open Shop

Generation Handmade does not charge listing fees, only  a 3% commission on sales.

Currently Generation Handmade only supports sellers in the US.

Once you’ve logged in – you’ll have to setup your billing and shipping address to be able to request seller access.

You can then request  click here or from the link on the home page.

Please note:

“My orders”  on your My Account page – items you have ordered from other Gen H shops.
To see your shop orders, you have to access the shop  dashboard.


Shop Dashboard

Your first order of business is to click on the settings tab and enter your details here.



You are responsible for collecting and submitting sales tax to your home state.  This means your sales tax must be included in your sale price. To back out the tax, divide total sales by 1 plus the sales tax rate to get the amount before tax.



Rates are calculated using weight in ounces via USPS.  For the most accurate rate, weigh your item and packaging before listing your product.

Getting Paid

**You will get an email when an order is placed with your shop.  Please login in to Generation Handmade to view the complete order details before shipping.  Order notes and shipping details may not show in the email! You can monitor your shop orders by viewing your Shop Dashboard.

All payments will be made direct to you (minus the GenH 3% commission & PayPal fee) via Paypal.  You must have a verified PayPal account to receive payments.

Charge backs and Refunds

Charge backs and refunds are the responsibility of the shop owner.  You can send an item refund through PayPal or whatever means you work out with your customer. Please remember – you are responsible for the full amount (or whatever your policy is) of the refund to the customer.  Fees paid to Generation Handmade are for services rendered and are non-refundable.

Featured Maker

Take a moment to read about the current featured maker.  It’s great to know all the stories about our amazing artisans.  At the bottom of the page is a form you can submit to be  featured yourself.  Featured makers get premium placement on the home page.  We’ll also share your story/products on our social media accounts.  Our goal is to help you build your business!