Featuring – Blythe Hollow Handmade

Hi, I’m Billie with Blythe Hollow Handmade. 

I have always been a crafty girl – but I started making dolls in 2009.
I bought a pattern for a Dinky Baby, made some great friends, and realized I really loved it.
(It didn’t hurt that I had several little girls in my life that loved them too)

I’ve graduated to making my own patterns which fits great with my “no pinning necessary” style of sewing 🙂

I’m a wife, a sister and a mother. And for all those things – I am immensely grateful.
I’m a maker because of the satisfaction it brings to create something from nothing.
I have huge respect for makers are able to do it as a full time job, makers who head to markets on weekends
– rain or shine, and to those just getting their feet wet…hoping someone will love their creation.
There is great value in supporting makers and their craft. It is easy to run to a big box store and grab a little something as a gift.

That same $25 sale would make a huge difference to a small business and you get something unique &  handcrafted with love!
To my fellow makers…Keep on keeping on my friends!

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