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 I am a southern mama to four boys, ages 23, 19, 18, and 8. I began crocheting as a form of therapy for my anxiety and depression, after my oldest son learned and was gracious enough to show me how. I fell instantly in love with the idea of creating something out of a single strand of thread, and this began my love of all forms of string and all forms of combining them! Macramé and Kumihimo soon followed and before long, I was making jewelry with my strings. In the midst of my learning process, I developed an autoimmune disease and the chronic pain that went along with it. I was forced to give up my career in health care, and found myself unable to do many of the things I had previously enjoyed, and after several months of being stuck in bed, in pain, I found myself feeling pretty useless.

It was during these months that I found many of my fellow “spoonies” through online communities while researching my illness. People who suffer with chronic and often “invisible” illnesses are often referred to or refer to themselves as “Spoonies” – the name comes from an essay written by Christine Miserandino in 2003, called “The Spoon Theory”, which explains a way for the chronically ill to manage their energy levels throughout the day using “spoons”) and discovered that I was not alone. As a Christian, I began to pray about how I could use my skills with fibers and strings to help my fellow spoonies and that is how String and Stitch Studio was born. I began to create jewelry using repurposed and upcycled spoons and mustard seeds as tangible reminders to those who are feeling a bit on the worn side that we are not alone and that we still have a purpose, despite our limitations. I also crochet items I think will be helpful and that will bring comfort and joy to everyday routines. I feel that it is my purpose to bring light and hope and comfort to those who may find themselves feeling a little “less than” due to illness or injury, “invisible” illness, or inward trauma.


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